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Step 1:

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Affiliate Marketing Tools:

Once you have your Clickbank nickname you can set-up your affiliate link, like this:


Replace the XXXXX with your ClickBank nickname. This URL will take whoever clicks on your banner/text link directly to our sales page. Even if that person decides not to buy immediately - you will still get the commissions if they buy on a follow-up visit.

This is the link you should use for all the promotion tools below…

Text Links:

You can place these little ads in lots of places. On your website as a text link (make it blue and underlined to increase clickthroughs), as an ezine ad, as a signature file, etc. Here are the different headlines to use:

No time to workout? No problem! Introducing the amazing new workout program that's the laziest way to get in shape - works almost any place, anytime, anywhere…even while watching TV!

Who said working out has to be HARD?

Imagine being able to workout any time, any place…even while watching TV!

Even couch potatoes can whip themselves into shape using the "Get Fit While You Sit" program

The ultimate workout for today's busy professionals

No time for the gym? No problem - Revolutionary new workout give you the easiest and most effortless way to get in shape…in as little as 12 minutes a day, almost anywhere - anyplace!

Are you sitting down? Good because you could use these simple exercises to get in shape right in your seat

Now! Workout the easy way….in as little as 12 minutes a day using the effortless "Get Fit While You Sit" program

When you can't get to the gym - workout while you sit in traffic, working at your desk, or watching TV…almost anywhere and any place!

36 simple, effortless exercises you can do almost anywhere and any place - Get fit while you sit in your car, at your desk, watching TV…all inside this revolutionary new workout program!

Imagine as you're reading this you could be getting your workout

You've got better things to do than spend hours at the gym…put this remarkable new exercise program to work for you

The lazy way to get in shape

Have you ever wished you could get in shape while watching TV?

Important news for people too busy to get to the gym

Revolutionary new exercise program give you an easy and effortless way to get in shape…without getting out of your seat

Simply Amazing - remarkable new exercise program lets you get fit almost anywhere, anytime, and any place…all while you sit

While you're sitting there reading these words - you could be using this revolutionary workout program to whip yourself into shape

Once you find out about the laziest exercise program - You'll say this is the easiest way ever to get in shape

Finally, the secret to getting fit while you sit! It's almost too easy!

Come, take the shortcut to looking good and feeling great with the world's easiest workout program!

Amazing new workout program is the laziest way to get in shape - works almost any place, anytime, anywhere. You never have to get off your butt or leave your desk

Amazing new workout program is the laziest way to get in shape - you never have to get off your butt or leave your desk… works almost any place, anytime, anywhere even while sitting in traffic!

Whoever said 'No pain - no gain' didn't know about this workout program

* * *

One very effective way to make use of these headlines is to use them as text links on your website. Very often text links will outperform banners or graphical ads.

Text links should be set-up in a prominent place on your website for maximum exposure and maximum effectiveness. I suggest making them blue and underline (most people look for blue links to click on).

Here's how to setup a text link:

<A HREF="http://hop.clickbank.net/hop.cgi?XXXXX/fitsit>  

For example:
<A HREF="http://hop.clickbank.net/hop.cgi?XXXXX/fitsit> Important News for People Too Busy To Hit The Gym</A>

Just be sure to add your unique affiliate ID# where "xxxxxx" is in the URL. And any text you want (the headlines) you simply copy and paste. Anything you write in between the tag beginning and ending will be underlined and become a hypertext link.

Text links have been proven to be much, much more effective than just banners!

Don't forget you can have several of these mini headline ads hitting prospects' different "hot buttons" on your site.

Banner and Graphic Tools:

Here are several banners and graphics you choose from. This is probably the easiest and fastest way to get going with the program.

After picking the banner or graphic you'd like to use, simply position your mouse over the banner and Right Click your mouse (PC Users). Then click "SAVE IMAGE AS" in Netscape or in Internet Explorer click on "SAVE PICTURE AS".

Save this graphic as a <.gif> file.

Now to make your banner "clickable" you'll need to code your affiliate URL behind the banner.

Here’s the code to put up a graphic with affiliate link:

<a href=http://hop.clickbank.net/hop.cgi?XXXXX/fitsit> <img src="yourbannergraphic.gif" border=0></a>

In this example you would substitute the "xxxxxx" with your Clickbank nickname and "yourbannergraphic.gif" would be replaced by the banner name you've saved the banner graphic as.

Ezine and Classified Ads:
An inexpensive way to reach a lot of people is to place ads in ezines. You can advertise in ezines with circulations of 100,000 or more and only pay $40 or so. It's a really great deal for the circulation you get.

You can combine several of the killer headlines I've given you to create an effective classified ad.

Here's an example:

No time to workout? No problem! Introducing the amazing new workout program that's the laziest way to get in shape - works almost any place, anytime, anywhere...even while watching TV!
===> http://hop.clickbank.net/hop.cgi?XXXXX/fitsit

You'll need to locate different ezines to place your ads. Here are several directories (please remember links change every day - but this list was current as of publishing) you can use to locate this information about the publication along with ad rates…

Ezine Directory List:

John Labovitz's Ezine List (this one is good but it may not be updated past March 2000 )

Lifestyles Pub (this one is really good but it costs a few bucks)

TopEzine Ads (this is also a paid membership site)



The Ultimate Magazine Database


Best Ezines.com

Ezine AdSource (paid subscription)

Instructions for placing ads are usually found in these directories. You can submit an ad today and have it run in just a day or two and start making money.

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